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Ένα ολοκληρωμένο και μόνο πρακτικό Professional Workshop 4 ημερών,
που καλύπτει πλήρως τη "σουίτα" των ψηφιακών καναλιών marketing. 


Απευθύνεται σε εργαζόμενους και ελεύθερους επαγγελματίες. Το σεμινάριο θα σας δώσει πρακτικές γνώσεις, τεχνικές και ιδέες για άμεση εφαρμογή στην εργασία σας.


–Facebook Marketing
• Section 1 Introduction to Facebook Marketing
Boost Likes,Create Page,Profile Image,Cover Image,About Section,First Post,7 Ways to Get Likes
Group Networking,Facebook Live,Manage Roles, Facebook Insights
• Section: 2 Facebook Ads: Beginner-Advanced
Targeting,Before We Begin,Set Up Ads Account,Boost Post
Create First Ad,Location & Demographics,Interests, Behaviors & Connections
Placements, Budget, Styling Ads, Write Ads That Sells, Place Ad Order, Ads Terms, Improve Ads
Facebook Pixel, Website Custom Audience
Email Custom Audience, Page Engagement Custom Audience, Video Views Custom Audience
Look a like Audience, Page Likes With Custom Audiences, Video Ads, Lead Ads
Dynamic Ads For E-commerce, Collection Ads For E-Commerce
Offer Claims, Reach Ads For Local Awareness, Event & Event Response Ads, Conversion Ads
Messages Ads, Ads Manager Functions, Split Testing, Cost Per Results, Business Manager
Facebook Adverts Manager App
• Section: 3 Facebook Ads - e-commerce Course – NEW FOR GREECE
Create Facebook Page, Create Facebook Advert Account, Install Facebook Pixel, Create Your First Ad, Detailed Targeting, Finishing The Ad, Split Testing, Ads Manager
Ad Sets, How to Scale, Ad Creative Example
• Section: 4 YouTube Marketing
Introduction Youtube Marketing, Drive Traffic, Keyword Research, Business Account
Icon - Description – Details, Channel Art, Channel Tags, YouTube SEO, Verify Account
Thumbnail, Cards, End Screen, Manage Comments, Owners and Managers,Monetize, Analytics
• Section: 5 Youtube Ads
YouTube Ads, Google Ads
• Section: 6 Instagram Marketing
Introduction Instagram Marketing, Ways to Engage, Captions, Hashtags, Business Profile, Facebook Page, Optimize Profile, Success Formula, Content Strategy, Stories, Story Poll, Story TypeM, Highlight Stories, Composition, Style It, Post Times, Shop, Analytics, The Checklist
• Section: 7 Instagram Ads
• Section: 8 Pinterest Marketing
Why Use Pinterest, Create a Business Profile, Model Influencers, Profile SEO, Claim Website,Create a Design - Board – Pin, Get Targeted Followers, Collect Pins and Boards
• Section: 9 Pinterest Ads – NEW FOR GREECE
Why Pinterest Ads Work, Set Campaign, Set Ad Group, Set Ad Pin
• Section: 10 LinkedIn Marketing
Optimize Profile, Why Use a Background Image, Add Information, Connect With People, Write an Article, Export Connections Information, Company Page
• Section: 11 LinkedIn Ads
Advertising on LinkedIn, Set Content & Audience, Set Budget & Schedule
• Section: 12 Twitter Marketing
Find Customers, Create Account, Profile Image - Bio-Link, Header Photo, Follow Top Influencers, Hashtags, How to Get Followers, How to Communicate, Create a Poll, Get More Retweets, Analytics
• Section: 13 Twitter Ads
• Section: 14 Quora Marketing
Introduction Quora, Get Sales - Leads – Traffic, Content Ideas, Optimize Profile, Build a Question List
• Section: 15 Quora Ads – NEW FOR GREECE
Set Campaign, Set Ad, Create Ad & Dashboard

 16 Ώρες

Με την ολοκλήρωση του προγράμματος και μετά από τη διαδικασία Multiple Choice Examination 15 Ερωτήσεων ή ενός Case Study, οι συμμετέχοντες λαμβάνουν Professional Diploma στο Digital Marketing από το Innovation Factory (IFF).


Το Diploma προσφέρεται με φυσική παρουσία σε τμήμα.
Επίσης προσφέρεται για στελέχη επιχειρήσεων με χρήση του 0,24% του ΟΑΕΔ/ΛΑΕΚ.

Προγραμματισμένο Τμήμα


      • Πλούσιο υλικό ανά μάθημα που γίνεται συνεχώς update
      • Υποστηρικτικό υλικό ανά μάθημα (video – case studies – βιβλιογραφία κλπ)

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